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How to apply NoWet on your furniture

How to apply NoWet on your furniture

Here we’ll explain just how the NoWet Spray works in a few simple steps:

  • Step One – You must be sure the the furniture is clean and free of dust as new.

  • Step Two – Shake the NoWet Spray for a few seconds to make sure that the elements have all combined.

  • Step Three – Holding the NoWet Spray 10cm away from the furniture start point, begin applying the spray starting from the start point to a straight line till you set an End point. Then work your way around from the End to the Start point again going around in parallel lines.

  • Step Four – Let the spray set for 24 Hours, leaving them in direct sunlight or inside at room temperature.

  • Step Five – Your Furniture is protected and are ready!

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering what materials does NoWet Spray work on, we’ve ensured that it covers delicate materials like suede, nubuck, canvas, mesh and Primeknit. Our special formula ensures that your furniture repel liquids and stains, creating the ultimate barrier against grime. Liquid is done!

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NoWet Guarantee

NoWet Guarantee is one year if we applied the protection service application.

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Express delivery within 24 Hrs, & Standard delivery within 2-5 days.

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NoWet provide installments with CIB, valU, Banque Misr and Sympl